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Steven Universe Anime Opening

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Добавлено от Admin В Аниме
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Happy new year!! Can you tell this was supposed to be much longer? Well after working on this for like less then a week I got bored (humble bragging a lil, don't @ me). So please don't ask „where all the other characters at?“ I'M LAZY ASDKLHDKF DON'T BRING IT UP
But I'm really happy that I animated something after such a long time! Feels good!
Also Spinel has gotten me back into Steven Universe and she is my wife, do not steal her from me or I'll go sans fangirl on you.

Btw I used the Naruto opening for this cause originally I was gonna name this video Steven Universe Shippuden as a meme but I had too much pride.

I actually made a Steven Universe Anime Opening, yeaaars before this one, check it out to compare!

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVgKnfN9i34

My tumblr: https://katrinci.tumblr.com/
My website: https://alicartinkatrinci.wixsite.com/portfolio

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