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Anime Protagonist React || Part 2 || Read Description

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Anime || AMV
Soul Eater || https://youtu.be/qztch6_Uhuk
Servamp || https://youtu.be/9y-FtBVHcBE
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood || https://youtu.be/BFF1PhZ7k18

|| Description || Shipping Subscribers ||
Hello there! This is for those who have actually been here for my regular content! If you're new and have watched my other videos and liked them, I'm happy to have you! (Thank you for watching!)

|| Description || AMV/Protagonist Subscribers ||
Now, if you are only subbed for this small 2 part series, it's not continuing. You are totally allowed to stay and want more but I'd prefer to continue my shipping content! I might make an anime protagonist meme but other then that, these characters will most likely not be seen again.

|| My Ships || Request ships?
Foxy x Bonnie (Their souls are like 20-30 years old)
Ennard x Michael (Spaghetti x Vessel)
William x Mrs Afton (Self-explanatory)
Chris x Stuffed Animals (He is a young child!!!)
Elisabeth x Ice cream (She's also a child!!)
Error x Ink (Bad boi x Chaotic good)
Lust x Star Sanses (Makes for jealous Bad Guys)
Corrupted Nightmare x Dream (Nightmare is a Parasite, not his brother!)
Prince Sidon x Link (Guilty pleasure)

|| Wattpad Account/Book Links! ||
Ennard x Michael || One Shots || https://my.w.tt/eeudVCYK08
Ennard x Michael Book || Neighborhood Outcasts || https://my.w.tt/zf1jZ71K08
Foxy x Bonnie || Trampoline || https://my.w.tt/CC1X4u3K08

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